Boosting rebellious ideas into smart formats is our DNA.
Branding solutions together with the industry is our aim.
The atmosphere is passionate, fun and innovative.

Meet the team

Technical team

Graphics Champion

best in creating and designing the suitable “look & feel” for any (r)evolution. Often going from zero to hero. Always proud to meet the deadlines agreed and writing trust in capitals. Also a big fan of “The Lion King”.

3D Research Guru

started at the famous NatLab of Philips in Eindhoven and was for decades the driving force behind many topics related to 3D viewing with several developments on his name, boosting the next step in AI technologies soon.

3D Innovator

built his 1st 3D printer when he was just 13 years old and holds now a master degree in SLA and FDM technology. Loves the most complex topics and 3D challenges. Also real green in his lifestyle with several homemade lettuces.

Hidden Services

always busy with the non-expected and many times in the Lotos pose to calm down. When no solution visible she will find that tiny small hole in the wall to get through. At home the best mum in the world for her beautiful young girl.

Sebastian I

Senior Software Architect or better the Michelangelo of coding. Cannot stop working, even continues after mid night to tell everyone early morning that he improved a complete setting. A talented football player but hates hat-tricks.

Sebastian II
Software Developer

the carbon copy of Sebastian-1 but especially focusing on back/front-end knowledge.
Coming from the hard core web industry. Ask him about the best part of “Star Wars”, he will say… “Star Wars”!

Content Creator AR-VR

one of the first playing Glasses-Free VR games. Expanded her AR/VR skills and technology so
much that she needed another “Nipkow disc” in her brains. A real Globe-trotter, always working remotely but with instant replies.

You? Interested to join?


CEO & Co-founder

People’s manager, strong in strategic analyses, technology solutions and processes.  Broad experience in the world of Multinationals and NGO’s. Studied Industrial Design at Delft University but prefers Technology now.

COO & Co-founder

Mastermind in processing and talented in combining technology to sales and v.v. Leader of the foothold in Poland with a focus on implementing XR into the world of 3D printing. The youngest in the Board with real ambitions.


The man with figures in his veins. Transparency and Honesty are written in capitals by him. Living in the Sunshine State but with American and European business experience.  Him looking at the financial affairs is the real asset.


The serial entrepreneur who will not rest till promises are delivered. Loves to boost businesses from a greenfield and learned to drive People and Organizations at his early years at Philips. Living is Switzerland to enjoy the wide views.