About 3D Visionaries

About 3D Visionaries

Paul Nipkow had during his student years a vision about the transmission of moving pictures.
His invention the “Nipkow disc” in 1885, laid in fact the foundation for the later Television.

Now is said; “a picture tells more than a 1.000 words” but culturally we’re changing again.
We start to think differently about housing, working and how we want to live.

New working and new living are words for sharing, connections and empowering people to enjoy.
Nipkow offers the tools and technics for the next step in experiencing Cross Reality and 3D.

Ultra-3D happens to use an optical stack in front of the LCD panel together with unique software to generate the immense effect of memorial multidimensional experiences.

Nipkow Ultra 3D is visualizing the world again.